Women in Public Art We Love

There’s no doubt the city of angels has never looked more colorful. It seems Los Angeles is experiencing a mural resurgence amid a bourgeoning skyline and extensive expansions. Painting the town with unapologetic brush and aerosol strokes, a mural has the power to stop onlookers in their tracks and command attention.

The results are stunning, but mural painting, at times, is no easy feat. Behind these radiant murals are equally brazen female artists who take it all on for the opportunity to spread their talents and message, captivating the city with game changing concrete canvases.

Every artist has a purpose for creating and displaying their work publicly. For example, Davia King, muralist, describes her art as “a cross between visual and performance art.”

The following is a narrow consensus of fierce female muralists working in a variety of styles throughout Los Angeles.

We encourage you to explore these ladies’ exquisite artistry online and in person!

Kristel Lerman @kristeldesigns

“She Who Sees” Ocean Park/Main St. More sun and beach waves throughout Santa Monica and Venice.

Davia King @daviaking

Abstract figures

Jules Muck @muckrock

Venice local, international muralist

Christina Angelina @starfightera

Bold, large-scale walls throughout LA, worldwide.

Ago Visconti @agocreates

Mural collaborator/planner

Amanda Lynn @alynnpaint

Feminine-oriented and intricate

Gretta Kruesi @grettakruesi

Conservation & education murals

Nina Palomba @theninapalomba

Positive affirmations

Colette Miller @colettemillerwings

Founder of Global Angel Wings Project, wings found worldwide

Royal @royalurbanart

Uplifting urban art

MegZany @megzany

Bold text and figures

“Chalavie” @chalavie

Los angeles, Mar Vista, Venice. Artist. Painter .

Special thanks to Ana-Alicia for writing this post!

Ana-Alicia is an LA native, contemporary art writer and art fan. She is a street rat taking pictures and hashtagging on Instagram @laartlife

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