A Global Mission

To put an end to blighted walls and fixtures by empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility, and instilling community pride in impoverished or neglected communities, streets, walls and fixtures. We also provide education programs designed to inspire and provide a framework for undiscovered talent to flourish. The art projects increase existing business revenue, attract new businesses, and improve the likelihood of community investment.

A Bit of Background

Conceived and originally funded by Executive Director Evan Meyer, this initiative started on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica (dubbed “Stinkin’ Lincoln”). Evan set out to prove that anyone is capable of making change and that the reward of giving back is inherently the highest form of compensation. Beautify Earth is now an international movement, using proven strategies and value sets to bring care, art, color and love everywhere.

A commitment inspired by the art and community spirit of Burning Man, and the street art mecca of Wynwood, Miami, we are Beautify Earth;  a 501(c)3 non-profit, and a movement, dedicated to making the world a brighter, more inspiring place. By empowering our world’s artists, and making our bland/blighted walls/fixtures their canvases, every street can create a joyful experience instead of a sad or fearful one. Art creates change, turns a neighborhood into a community, instills pride, and has the capacity to inspire; converting frowns and apathy into smiles and inspiration.

The worst color choice one can make is the color of neglect

– Evan Meyer, Founder

Think of how many neglected properties or areas you see or know of. These are not just neglected walls but represent a lack of creativity. The exteriors of these run-down buildings portray an image of how the landlords and/or businesses perceive themselves and the community. The message that is sent is clear; they don’t care about the neighborhood and what they communicate to the people that drive by their business or building. Or, often they just don’t know any better.

As proved in the broken windows theory, which states that “maintaining and monitoring urban environments in a well-ordered condition may stop further vandalism and escalation into more serious crime,” neglect is viral. It leads the community to feel a sense of hopelessness and despair about their neighborhood. As a product of the environment they grow up in, many children in these communities lack respect for themselves, the lives of others, and the future; the cycle continues. Often this type of negligence is a symptom of high crime and poverty in the neighborhood or the result of depressed economic times or a natural disaster. The neglect can also be caused by a lack of public attention and investment. No matter where the situation exists, we all pay the price as a planet.

Immediate & Impactful Benefits

  • Participating businesses increasing revenue up to 50%,
  • Other businesses and building owners painting and landscaping their property on their own, inspired by their neighbors’ makeovers,
  • New businesses moving in because of the murals, motivated by the creativity and unity of community,
  •  The burst in commerce increases tax revenue for cities while artists can showcase their work,
  • Cars can drive down artistic thoroughfares and locals can enjoy and have pride in their neighborhood increasing spending in their local economies, and
  • Property values increase as the demand to lease properties or open new businesses in these areas also grows.

Everybody wins, and the momentum catches hold quickly. Within a few months, the mural painting work of Beautify Rockaways in Queens, NY sparked the restoration of the neighborhood heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy with art, parks, and community spirit.


is everywhere

Unfortunately, if you look around, you’ll notice that most of the human created world is bland or blighted. The reality is quite disheartening, while the opportunity is quite exciting in believing of the world we could live in. Here are a small list of opportunities (that are almost always blighted) to inspire, and for artist expression:

  • Commercial walls
  • Schools
  • Freeways ramps
  • Utility/electrical/traffic signal boxes
  • Public/City building in disrepair.
  • Alleyways
  • Dumpsters/Trash cans
  • Lamp posts
  • Graffiti incidents

Our Goal

renaissance 2.0

Our goal is to flip the perception of bland or neglected walls worldwide, into one that sees these walls as not ok. When a can of paint and a roller is cheaper than going out to lunch, how can dirty, neglected walls in public view be so widespread?  Artists are ready to pour their heart out on these walls. There is plenty of opportunity to give to your community, now is the time to act. The world needs it.

Core Values

living our mission

  • BE a creator of win-wins and “yes, and”
  • BE team
  • BE the example
  • BE kind & persistent
  • BE a humble servant
  • BE more with less
  • BE inspiration
  • BE the most responsible
  • BE beautiful through love and care
  • BE fun and weird

How You Can Make A Difference

Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY, Heidelberg Street in Detroit, MI are areas that have been transformed due to public art and organic growth and investment. In Miami, Tony Goldman is credited for turning Wynwood around through his efforts and investment. You can be the one to spearhead such an initiative through your own personal mission and investment. It is time to take this concept worldwide to communities large and small. Beautify Earth has a program to help YOU be the leader of this change in your community.

You have the opportunity to support a cause where you can see the change in front of your eyes. You have the opportunity to be the hero in your community, in your hometown, or a place sacred to your heart. Because of you, thoroughfares like Lincoln Boulevard can be an inspiring drive for the 30,000 people a day that sit in traffic driving home from work passing drab walls. Imagine the difference that color and art can have on those sitting in traffic, the families they go home to and their decisions for the future.

Each of us has the inherent ability to improve our own lives as well as those around us. By taking responsibility for our communities, we encourage others to BE the example. By joining us in making the world a better, happy, inspiring place to live, we ask… Will you be our next Tony Goldman?