The Importance of the Red Cross & Cross Campus Murals in Santa Monica.

Greetings Beautify Earthlings :  At Beautify Earth there are tons of events and activities concurrently happening across the globe. Today I want to tell you all about a few of the latest murals in Santa Monica, California – our founding city.

The final touches on the House of Meggs mural at Cross Campus mural was completed in late February. Located at 929 Colorado Ave & 10th, Cross Campus is a work collective with multiple locations across Los Angeles. Cross Campus is an integral part of the Beautify Earth team’s repertoire as it’s the location of the BE monthly board meetings & other fabulous meet-ups. Also be sure to check out additional Beautify Earth sponsored murals inside the Santa Monica location. With the upcoming expo train line extending down Colorado, Cross Campus decided to partner with Beautify Earth to put the first, lively and breathtaking mural along the corridor to welcome commuters and locals alike in Santa Monica (and hopefully many more murals as well). It’s a great start to splashing color and sass in the neighborhood. House of Meggs was selected amongst 20 submissions as the chosen aesthetic & vibe to bring the feel of his work to the collaborative spirit of Cross Campus. If interested in joining the color revolution in Santa Monica or your neighborhood please contact our Project Management team and learn more!

Moving up the block and around the corner we have a special project that we’ve been working on with the Red Cross at 1450 11th St & Broadway. Initially conceived last year, this work of art is currently in progress and is set to launch within a few weeks!! Artist Francisco Letelier spearheaded an Indiegogo campaign for the vision of his Guardian mural. The imagery conveys a strong empowered female which also pays homage to the Red Cross’ roots with it being founded by the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club in 1918. The Red Cross is essential for disaster and humanitarian efforts. This specific chapter currently serves an upwards of 90,000 citizens in over a 16 mile radius. The impact that we can have to embellish such an established foundation and pinnacle of the community is tremendous. The art was carefully selected and chosen by the Red Cross in conjunction with Francisco. If you are interested in sponsoring the remainder of the wall and taking part in history/herstory or this ground breaking story please contact our Sponsorship team lead. Also find additional details included by the Santa Monica Daily Press on this amazing piece.

Red cross mural 3

While you are perusing the streets of Santa Monica checking out Beautify Earth’s latest and greatest – don’t forget to use the hashtag #beautifythis if you see an area of opportunity IE a blank wall that could use some love and color. We’ll add it to our list & who knows – maybe you’ll even help us turn it into a reality.

Keep Loving. Keep Dreaming. Keep Believing. Keep Coloring Outside the Lines.

Forever Beautify!


The Muse Crypt

PS in case you missed our most recent global shout out- check out the efforts on our latest collaboration in Mexico!

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