The Excitement of Life

There are so many reasons to celebrate. Every day, every week, every month it always seems that there is so much going on. There are always reasons to be thankful and to party. This week alone we celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year / The Year of the Fire Monkey! Full of vibrant, quick witted yang energy. Fortune favors the bold and daring due to this influence so you may be finding yourself asking – What can I do to push myself…or what will I do to push myself. Additionally the new moon of said Lunar Year is in Aquarius which is an Air sign signifying Innovation and Agility. We also have Fat Tuesday aka Pancake Day, a day to be a little indulgent and mischievous traditionally before Lent begins (a 40 day period of fasting and sacrifice in Christian based religions). I find that the Aquarius energy really grounds us and brings us down to reality. I should know as I’m usually floating : ) This all leads up to Valentine’s Day this Sunday. I know I know. This may sound a little overwhelming.So many parties, activities, love and wonder zooming all about with no sense of how you will balance it all…

My advice to you since you asked ; ) is with constant change it’s important to develop habits and systems that work specifically for you so that you are balanced, well nourished and fulfilled spiritually. Our connection to people, the events and mysteries in life are what matters. However they are easily overlooked due to the demands and pressures of everyday life. While this may be easier in theory to some here are a few tricks that may work for you: remember to take time out of your day everyday for yourself and only for yourself. You are never able to offer any part of your time, energy and best self unless you are right with yourself. Listen to your body, your mind and your heart. Do you need more rest, hydration, movement, color or love. Identify what will serve your soul and slowly start to add increments of that into your daily life. Mindfulness works wonders in larger efforts too – however this may be the only simple daily act that helps get us through the emotions, excitement, and ups & downs of life. It’s ok. Go on & love yourself.

Now that you’ve hopefully mellowed out and are pondering a few thoughts on how to love yourself – so you can love others and live your best life – I wanted to update you on some of the latest pieces of art & inspiration that I’ve found as I did task myself last week to 10 new murals this month!!! I Fire Monkey’ed myself before the New Year started.

The only downside is sometimes these wonderful artists don’t tag their work so I’m at a loss for who to credit. Luckily some of my friends know and they help me out. Check out more amazing and credited works on the @beautifyearth Instagram page.

Also while you work on your new moon intentions (it’s not too late) grab some candles, set some solid goals down on paper and make it happen — remember to add this event to your must do list. Bubble Beach Laundry Mural Painting Event on 2/21!

Even when your hands are tied, you can always pause, reflect & take some time to wiggle yourself out. Love and Paint and Paint and Love. You have the eyes and vision to accomplish your dreams. Continue to love yourself and your neighbor. Please continue to support and love Mother Earth and help us to Beautify Earth.

Have a stellar week my friends. You truly are spectacular.


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