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zappos beautify earth

Zappos – 10 Walls, 10 Cities, 10 Core Values & BE teamed up to create a wave of murals, sourcing local artists to interpret the 10 core values of Zappos into their artwork.

Beautify Western [x] City of Los Angeles

BE is providing the artist component to beautify the facades in an effort to create impact, positivity, and inspiration on the street.

Capitol Records + Sonos + My Morning Jacket

In addition to a multi city presence, BE also launched a special roll out of 5 murals for the My Morning Jacket album in the Summer of 2015.

Beautify Clarksdale + American Express

Beautify Earth stepped into Clarksdale early May to install a single mural across from the Ground Zero Blues Club.

Beautify Utility Boxes

Utility boxes are on almost every street corner. We work with Cities so that they ALL become accents to our streets, not eyesores.

Beautify Pico

In partnership with the Pico Improvement Organization, and the Santa Monica, Heather Rabun leads the charge on beautify Pico Blvd.

Beautify Lincoln

We have become an ongoing community project dedicated to making Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica a more artistic, and appealing place.

Beautify Crenshaw

Lucy Mesa has taken ownership of the beauty she is capable of creating by bringing this creativity to Crenshaw, Los Angeles.