Submit your artwork to be considered for the upcoming year!

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We are seeking positive, uplifting, inclusive and welcoming artwork to be considered for our national, international, and education programs.

Your artwork will be part of our official pitch deck for murals to be executed and our Every Woman Mural Program.


  1. Please fill out the application by clicking on the button below by December 1, 2017. You will be required to submit a photo, sketch or digital image (at least 600 pixels wide) of your artwork.
  2. Be sure to look at our Frequently Asked Questions below before you fill out the application.
  3. If you are submitting artwork you must have a strong interest in painting it to completion.

If you are selected, you will execute the wall and be compensated. Please note: Your submission does not guarantee your artwork will be created. Thanks for your interest!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never painted a mural before, can I still submit artwork?

Beautify Earth supports artists at all levels of their career. There will be a place to mention this on your application.

Will a sketch work as a submission?

We encourage you to submit a sketch, photo, and/or digital rendering that best communicates your idea and that can be clearly seen.

When will I be notified?

We will be utilizing the submissions for several programs throughout 2018. Please be patient as new opportunities often arise! If we have not notified you by September 2018, we will send you an email asking if you would like to re-submit your artwork or update it for the following year.

What are you looking for?

Our work is positive, uplifting, all inclusive and welcoming.

Where will the murals be executed?

The artwork you submit will be considered for our projects here in Los Angeles, CA including our edducation program that serves schools, colleges and universities, and community centers. In addition, artwork will be considered for national and international projects.

Do you pay your artists?

Yes, we do!

Do I have to paint the mural?

If you are selected, you will be expected to execute the painting of the wall with our support. We can provide volunteers to help with set up, clean up, and painting with your guidance and instruction.

Can I see examples of your work?

Yes, please click here for info about our current and past projects. In addition, please check out our Instagram feed.

Can I submit ideas for sculptures?

At this time, artwork will be considered for murals only.

I’m a local Los Angeles Artist, I want my artwork to appear in my community. Is that possible?

If you have a preference for where you would like your artwork to appear, please make a note of it in the application. Beautify Earth encourages local artists to activate murals in their own community.