Beautify your community, and your planet.

Beautify Earth may be a non profit organization, but it is also a family. A family of artists, non-profit entrepreneurs, beauty and art enthusiasts, friends, and community activists that are ready to change the world one wall at a time!

Sponsorships can be used from paint and supplies on one wall, all the way to painting entire communities.  Funds go to furthering our cause, plain and simple. We are a registered 501(c)3, so your provided funds are tax deductible.

Donations are accepted in any amount and are the fundamentals of our support system. This is the proof that a community can come together. Thank you!

Wall Sponsorships

Sponsor a wall for yourself, your business, or dedicate a wall in the name of a loved one!

Ways to Support

  • Kick-off a Project

    Our team works hard and volunteers their love, time, talent, sweat and tears to bring beauty to many. It is the start of making art possible, your donation can help cover component of the mural (examples of mural components include a lift, supplies, stipends, etc…).

  • Paint For Days

    Help cover the cost of paint and supplies needed for most walls. No more artists painting with invisible paint.

  • Paint It Forward!

    Some walls are bigger and require equipment rentals to reach up high safely. Some walls are smaller and use recycled or donated paint which keeps our costs low. Your Paint It Forward donation will cover everything needed for a wall, from paint and supplies, to artist stipend, to operational costs, and possibly have a little leftover to be applied towards the next wall. Our mission is to paint walls, and paint the world in color. Your donation helps make this possible.

  • Cluster Clout

    What do we mean by “CLUSTER”?  Three walls, within sight of each other, typically on the same block, to create a mini art gallery for the community.  Clustering creates a larger impact, draws more sightseers, and brings new businesses and development in the long term.

  • Rock the Block

    Clustering to the next level, you have now created more smiles!  With so many murals within close proximity of each other, you have now created a destination for future block parties, art crawls, mixers and more!

  • Big Thinker

    Two clusters within the area or support us in beautifying our BIG, EPIC buildings.  More art = new landmarks = community pride = happiness!

  • Community Hero

    This is the ultimate. You are selecting a street/district/community of your choice to be beautified. 10 walls get beautified, spawning-off a myriad of other projects. Be a hero!