Our members know how to kick it.

On May 19, 2017 Beautify Earth Members and our new friends enjoyed a kick-off party and fundraising event hosted by the good folks at Dogtown Media. We celebrated a new climate awareness mural by Trek Thunder Kelley in collaboration with climatemobilization.org. The event was a HUGE success so thanks if you attended or supported in any way.

An extra special thanks to all of our generous sponsors:

Ceremony Meditation

Health-Ade Kombucha

Delicato Wines

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Broadway Beer and Wine

Pomp and Whimsy

The Brixton

Jimmy Johns



The celebration began with a mood centered mindfulness meditation session complimentary of Ceremony Meditation, followed by an array of entertainment including balloon art by Balloonski, back-bending acrobat performances, and one-of-a-kind personalized poetry from RENTpoet.

DJ beats throughout the evening paired with a live painting exhibit, added to the electric ambience filling the room!

With all the fun and positive vibes percolating, we acknowledged the cause that brought us all together that beautiful Friday evening: To create an art renaissance that brings an end to urban blight, and more importantly reminds spectators to think about the world around of which we inhabit.

The Sky Mural will act as an enormous landmark reminding viewers of climate awareness. The owner of the building is donating the wall space, and the URL inscribed on the side will aid in raising money for climate change awareness, as well as, community art to enjoy, be proud of, and unify for years to come.

Photos courtesy of ©KristinaSado

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