Santa Monica’s Most Loved Mural

On Tuesday May 3rd, the Santa Monica Daily Press held their third annual Most Loved contest awards ceremony. While the final count of votes are being confirmed, the contest in 2015 had over 3,000 votes from local members of the community. This year a newly created Most Loved Mural category was a beautiful addition. There were a large handful of accomplished muralists up for the first time honor and it is with great pride that Beautify Earth’s very own Ruben Rojas not only won the coveted top spot for his Anything Can Happen mural, he also earned a runner up spot for his You Are BEautiful artistry. An equally exquisite shout out to Bumblebeelovesyou who was also a runner up this year with his Beach Day mural located on 631 Wilshire.

The Anything Can Happen mural located on 2309 Main Street is the neighborhood’s top pick for 2016. The details of the mural are unique in that they combine a nostalgic childlike essence with a simplistic down to earth mantra. The sentiment is based on the innocence and inquisitive curiosity of a child. A young girl is making a whimsical wish (or two) on a dandelion and the seeds are floating, tracing the quote “Anything Can Happen, Anything Can BE” with BE as a reference to Beautify Earth and morphing into birds of flight and wonder. Artist Rojas wanted to instill the powerful thought of how our choices, wishes and intentions can lead to a myriad of possibility. His passion for improving the outlook and happiness of the community is his driving force for creating the murals.

Anything Can Happen, Anything Can BE mural located at 2309 Main Street in Santa Monica by Ruben Rojas:

Located nearby at 2522 Main Street, Ruben’s passion and choice words spill over to the You Are BEautiful! mural which is a vibrant mosaic-like array of color with the reminder that we are beautiful and perfect as we are – an homage to ourselves and each other while at times we can be inundated with messages to steer away from what makes each individual a unique masterpiece. Sometimes the simplest of words and a few choice colors can brighten the day and unify us all in our harmonious differences. Stay tuned for the continuation of this mural on the adjacent building to be completed soon in collaboration with Spencer Mar Guilburt.

Thank you to all of the artists for going above and beyond to bring their artistic vision and positive images and messages to our community. Anything IS possible when positive and inspiring intentions towards the community are chosen.

Please also view our teaser video for last month’s Guardian mural. The full version will be launching on our YouTube & Facebook pages soon. In addition to murals, if you’d like to hear words from within from this year’s Most Loved Mural winner, you can follow him under the pseudonym B3N on Instagram @R.B3N.

You are BEautiful mural by Ruben Rojas & Spencer Mar Guilburt located at 2522 Main Street in Santa Monica. An extension of this work is currently in progress.

Ruben Rojas (center) receiving SMDP’s Most Loved Mural award for 2016! Congrats Ruben. Maybe next year one of his poignant and real quotes will be 2017’s winner! The sky’s the limit.

Members of the Beautify Earth team at the SMDP Awards (L to R): Evan Meyer, Zach Puchtel, Heather Rabun, Ruben Rojas, Sergio Cuculiza

See you soon on the streets of Los Angeles and across the globe.

With Love, Color & a little Inspiration,

The Muse Crypt


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