Project Overview

San Diego, CA and Beautify Earth (BE) teamed up to create a wave of murals across the country, sourcing local artists to interpret the 10 core values of Zappos into their artwork. What’s amazing about Zappos core values is they are actually just beautiful, universal ways of being that BE believes is something we all should embrace in our lives. Zappos and BE have shared values, and we believe if the world embraced such, our ambitious mission could be achieved with ease.

Murals are being created on buildings in Zappos most loyal communities. That is, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Miami, Chicago, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Each of the murals will embody one of the Zappos 10 core values. An 11th mural will be created in Las Vegas by the local Zappos team which ties together all of the core values.   Zappos is not only celebrating their 10 core values, but also a new loyalty program to give back to their loyal communities.

The multi-city mural project is part of a larger mission of Zappos and BE. As an effort to restore the culture and well-being of downtown Las Vegas, Zappos believes that bringing beauty to communities is a crucial element in creating a culture which values the arts. Beautify Earth projects help to improve local economies, inspire walking cities and increase community participation. Together Zappos and Beautify Earth believe they can help communities create cost effective paths to become more accessible, lively, inspiring, and culturally stimulating.

This project shows what’s possible when a great company stands for better streets and better communities.  Contact us to help create our next big project in partnership with Zappos and Beautify Earth.


Core Values

The 10 core values of Zappos, which help to define their unique culture, along with the city location and respective artist:

Deliver WOW Through Service –  (Miami, Artist Angelino)

Embrace and Drive Change –  (Baltimore, Artist Cory Stowers)

Create Fun and A Little Weirdness – (Austin, Artist Jade DMZL)

Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded –  (Los Angeles, Artist David Gilmore)

Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded –  (Los Angeles, Bonus Wall, Artist Ruben Rojas & Marcel “Sel” Blanco)

Pursue Growth and Learning – (San Francisco, Amanda Lynn)

Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication – (Boston, Artist Zach Nolin)

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit – (Philadelphia, Artist Chroma Dolls)

Do More With Less – (Chicago, Artist Matthew Hoffman)

Be Passionate and Determined – (New York, Artist Gaia)

Be Humble – (San Diego, Artist Trek Kelly)




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