Project Overview

Sam Quick, Bishop 1The BE Art Project began in 2011 (then known as the Graffiti Art Project) with 13 students and has grown to nearly 100 participants from high schools around the Los Angeles area.

Inspired by my love for the arts and my ten years of volunteer work with P.S.ARTS, I wanted to give high schools students a graffiti/street art competition. The project allows them to think of what they might create on a wall, but instead create their art on a 40” x 60” canvas.

As you see when you scroll through our gallery; the imagination, inspiration and talent of these young artists is spectacular.

The vision to further develop the project brings us together with Beautify Earth, a non profit, who are putting an end to blighted walls and fixtures by empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility, and instilling community pride in impoverished or neglected communities/streets. Beautify Earth also provides education programs designed to inspire and provide a framework for undiscovered talent to flourish.

The vision for the BE Art Project, under the helm of Beautify Earth is to continue to grow, encouraging students and their teachers to become a part of this very unique and special project. Not only will they work on their canvas, but they will have the opportunity to create on walls around their communities.

Our goal is to encourage the creative spirit, build confidence, and give the students unlimited access to explore their artistic talents. Understand the difference between graffiti and tagging. While, it is not legal to tag the walls of our streets, it is legal to take those ideas and put them on to canvas.

After all, graffiti/street art, is art.

Sharon Poole Blair

Art Flow

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