Project Overview

-Nelson Mandela

Creative Education has either been diminished or all but extinguished in most areas due to budget constraints and lack of influence. Creative Education can have the benefits of improving brain storming, thinking outside the box, multi-tasking, promoting harmonious environments and improving overall synergy.

The creative environment is just as important as creative courses, it has been proven that students are more attentive and assertive in positively promoting environments, ones that are enriched by the arts, landscaping, natural light and well designed. Schools that are barren wastelands often contribute to students malcontent.

Therefore our program seeks to help create this positive environment through inspirational and beautiful murals, which are a hands on approach for students to express their creativity, learn techniques and become further enriched through the influence of positive artistic and creative expression.

  • Your School Needs Beautification

    Could your school use some beautification or greater creative influence? Send us an email with school name, contact information and lets talk about how we can begin the beautification process!

  • Donate to Help Beautify a School

    Help us beautify the environments of our children! We can’t do this alone, all help is welcome and our goal is to enrich the lives of all our studen

  • Become a School Beautifier

    Become an artist that helps us Beautify a School near you! Come out and volunteer to help us enrich the lives of our students.

The Lesson of Creativity

Beautify Earth both creates and engages in programs that give back creativity in the form of education.

The creative mind is often one either underutilized, or utilized destructively. Art Education is what allows our younger generations to recognize their creativity and how to constructively use it in their lives, their careers, and their communities. It allows for the shift away from destructive action like “tagging” and toward constructive action like murals, mosaics, and other crafts.

By working with cities and youth organizations, and creating environments that allow for children to participate in a larger public vision, Beautify Earth strives to inspire, and let children see their true potential.


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