What is painting while dancing?

Dancers: Artur Aleksanyan, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Kistina Pressler, Heather Rabun, Linnea Snyderman, Calypso Jete, Kevin Scott Cannon

Artistic Director:
Heather Rabun

Artist Consultant:
Alex Vogel

Camera and Editing:
Calvin Walker

“All Flowers in Time”

Project Overview

B.E. Dance LA (Beautify Earth Dance Los Angeles) is a new professional dance company based out of Santa Monica, CA, on a mission to provide the Beautify Earth community with a new aspect of beautification. It creates performance and teaching opportunities for trained dancers, learning opportunities for new dancers, and brings a new perspective to the visual art and dance worlds.

To bring the freedom of dance to many. To inspire love in living. To bring together and empower communities. To beautify. To create smiles. To expand the Beautify Earth cause.

The Art:
Each performance of B.E. Dance LA will explore the live creation of visual art while dancing. The artwork resulting from B.E. Dance LA’s performances will then be sold, proceeds to go towards Beautify Earth projects.

Beautify Earth Artists:
Each performance will also be a platform for Beautify Earth artists to create, promote, and sell their artwork. Artists of all genres get to create opportunities to live and thrive off of their talents and dedication, and B.E. Dance LA is committed to creating community and opportunity for such.

Artistic Director:
Heather Rabun, an Austin, Texas native, started B.E. Dance LA in early 2014 to explore the creation of visual art through her first passion: dance. Heather is a co-founder and director of Beautify Earth, with a BFA in Ballet and Modern Dance from TCU. She has danced professionally for companies including L.A. Choreographers & Dancers and Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet, as well as for various productions throughout Dallas and Los Angeles. Heather is passionate about creating opportunities for artists to shine, and loves the inspiration found through collaboration.

The Company:
The company consists of professionally trained and adventurous dancers residing in Los Angeles. Dancing with paint can be unpredictable and requires a degree of courage and improvisational skills, which make it not only interesting to view, but interesting to take part in too! Our past and present warriors of painting while dancing include Kistina Pressler, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Linnea Snyderman, Kirby Harrell, Michael Quiett, Jennifer Sherry, Jacqueline Hinton, Calypso Jete,Kevin Scott Cannon, and Artur Aleksanyan.

Past Theatrical Performances

BEloved: A Beautify Earth Dance Production July 18-20, 2014

Story in Santa Monica Daily Press | BEloved Sizzle Video

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our first performance BEloved!  Join our email list to be invited to future BE Dance LA performances and events.

Special thanks to those who have help make our recent BEloved performance possible:

Photography/Videography: ARIS | Pasadena Photography  | Win Within Sangha  |  Jack Collins Photography

Beautify Earth Artists:  Trek Thunder Kelly, Cathy Baron, Nathan Sestack, and Karen Kang

B.E. Dance LA Dancers:  Kistina Pressler, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Michael Quiett, Jennifer Sherry and Jacqueline Hinton

Collaborators:  Zach Puchtel, Lucas Spangler, and Jeff Meldgin

Friends, Family and Beautify Earth team.

Awakenings and Beginnings Festival January 10, 2015

Special thanks to Kirby Harrell, for his choreographic input, Amra Ricketts, who created the music, and Nicolette Spear, who brought the art to BElinked with her lovely body painting.  Much gratitude!

San Pedro Festival of the Arts September 9, 2015

B.E. Dance LA Dancers:  Kistina Pressler, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Tatiana Piche, Heather Rabun

Past Live Events and Entertainment

Beautify Earth presents Summer Concert Series: Story of the Running Wolf July 11, 2014

B.E. Dance LA Dancers:  Kistina Pressler, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Heather Rabun

Beautify Earth presents Summer Concert Series: House of Vibe  August 22, 2014

B.E. Dance LA Dancers:  Kistina Pressler, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Heather Rabun

Create Fixate “I Art You” February 12, 2015

B.E. Dance LA Dancers:  Kistina Pressler, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Kirby Harrell, Heather Rabun

Ascent Expo with WinWithinSangha March 1, 2015

B.E. Dance LA Dancers:  Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Heather Rabun

Beautify Earth presents “A Pathless Land” with Eoin Colgan March, 14, 2015

B.E. Dance LA Dancers:  Kistina Pressler, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Heather Rabun


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