Project Overview

Clarksdale was once known as the Gem of the Delta, a center for culture and economy at the beginning of the 20th century. As times changed, so did Clarksdale. Once a thriving urban district, many of its buildings are now rundown with barren and abandoned walls. Although the physical structures are in need of some love, the soul of the town and community are still very strong.

Clarksdale is the home of the Delta Blues; upon entering the town you hear blues music permeating into the streets at all hours of the day. Classic clubs like Ground Zero Blues Club and Reds have music every night throughout the week, and draw tourists from every corner of the planet.

Beautify Earth stepped into Clarksdale early May to install a single mural across from the Ground Zero Blues Club. What happened was far beyond what we could have hoped for. The community came out and shared their dreams with us; they sang from their hearts and they showed us what art can do to bring people together.

Now, in partnership with Clarksdale Revitalization, we are putting together a campaign to restore Clarksdale to become the Gem of the Delta once again. On the buildings that now appear as ruins, we are creating 20 beautiful murals in downtown Clarksdale, and key locations, that will draw attention, tourism, and positive energy back into Clarksdale, consequently stimulate the local economy, create jobs for locals, and increase property values over time.

Art Flow

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