Brian Clark of Eden VT is known for his involvement in graffiti style mural collaborations around Burlington. After a long hiatus from art, as a fine dining manager for 15yrs, he reignited his passion for graffiti art by entering Magic Hat Brewery’s first Wall2Canvas competition. He has since spent the past five years working towards becoming a full-time muralist while collaborating with other local artists.

Upon learning of the Beautify Earth movement, Brian immediately felt this was the connection he was looking for, and a concept that he had already been working toward establishing in his community. He hopes to nurture an inclusive, collaborative and diverse mural art scene in Burlington that the whole community can feel a part of and be proud of. Having a management background and specializing in large scale painting, Brian feels he can combine those skills to engage community and empower other local artists to help create a broad portfolio of Beautified walls. He sees a long term Beautify Earth partnership that he eventually wants to expand to other Vermont cities and towns.

Art Flow

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