New Month + New Murals = Motivation

Happy February!

While we embark upon a new month and 2016 really starts to sink in, we are also smiling at the fact that a famous Groundhog has declared Spring will be here in about six short weeks. There is a lot that can be accomplished in that time even though Winter can be difficult for some as the tendency to hide in our shells and hibernate after a festive holiday season is very strong. I myself am still adjusting to the shift in energy and seasonality as this is my first Winter in Los Angeles. I may not need a jacket (my former New York self is shivering, glaring at me right now) but I do love and need down time and a nice period of reflection. As much as I love going out and exploring, I crave quiet tranquility at home to recharge and center myself. I am a wild creature but one of balance.

Of course there are days when it may be easy to stay under the covers and hide – I can’t sit still for long as there is really so much beauty in this world. As I become more acclimated to my new routine and way of life, I look and depend upon my city and self for encouragement. At times motivation can be challenging when we are overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin. I tell all of my friends, colleagues and clients that it all starts with one step and when we’ve made a decision within ourselves to make that change, sometimes that is all it takes. It is okay to put yourself first and to allow yourself the freedom to pursue what you love. As we’re always transcending, evolving and growing, we can start small too. As a former Project Manager I am used to having very detailed plans and schedules for tons of people. I’ve relished in the fact this past year that I sort of compromised with myself and threw said plans out the window to allow the mysteries and whimsy to take over my calendar. After some experimenting I have come to the conclusion that in order to remain fluid and flexible, I like a schedule that consists of routine planned activities mixed in with a nice chunk of down time. This allows a nice creative flow and rhythm to my life which includes spontaneity, meditation and the ability to have my intuition guide me to new areas in search of art, passion and beauty.

PS Here are a few impressive walls by artist Ruben Rojas who will be at the Santa Monica event on 2/21. Come join us!

With that being said, reflection period is over and I’m ready to tackle some new goals again. I have decided my resolution for this month (because Hey! why should we only have them each calendar year?) will be to capture photos of 10 new walls across the city that I haven’t yet discovered. To add in some crazy and flex my skills, I thought to myself what would it be like to maybe even paint a wall. I am more of an intuitive, a writer, visionary and dreamer. What could I possibly add to a wall? Luckily I will be able to find out…and you can too! Beautify Earth will be hosting an event on Sunday February 21st (9:30 – 3:30 PST) at Bubble Beach Laundry on Main Street in Santa Monica. This event is open to the community and if you’re on Facebook you can RSVP here: You will also be able to meet artist and Beautify Earth Co-Founder Ruben Rojas! It’s an event you don’t want to miss. Don’t worry I’ll remind you in the next few weeks too.

In closing, remember once you’ve taken the steps to Live Your Dream, the beauty of it is that you get to keep going. Here is to hoping your month is full of motivation, rest and love. Take care & see you soon!


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