Driven by Impact,
Armed with Paint!

Imagine a world with less trash on the streets, where beautiful murals on every block help cities come alive, and help businesses and communities heal and flourish. This is the Beautify Earth vision for our planet, and it’s a reality we’re creating. Every. Single. Day. JOIN US & SUBSCRIBE BELOW! 

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Civic and
Business Minded

Activating communities is about leading by example! Studies have shown that murals have been proven to enhance community, benefit local businesses, boost tourism, reduce maintenance costs and SO much more. This is why we partner with businesses and cities to create measurable impact.

The Artist

A new renaissance has arrived- art is everywhere we look, and artists have the power and vision to create a world we all want to live in. By supporting artists and empowering the world-wide mission to beautify, we can heal our earth and transform lives!

​Everyday People,
Massive Impact

The beauty about this movement is that ANYBODY can be a catalyst to #enduglywallsyndrome. Whether you volunteer, donate, become a member - or simply spread our message, every single action creates massive impact as a whole.

“Art has become a powerful tool that heals communities, solves civic problems and creates the world we want to live in, one mural at a time”

ZAPPOS - Delivering WOW!

​Beautify Earth & The Do Good Bus

​Beautify Education with AT&T

​“Beautify Earth has beautified Santa Monica’s bleakest walls with startling creativity that delights the eye, warms the heart, & captures the imagination.”

Rick Cole

​​City Manager of Santa Monica

“I would like to thank Beautify Earth for the work they have done to help revitalize and empower the community as it continues to recover from Hurricane Sandy.”

​Kirsten Gillibrand

​​United States Senator

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