Artist Davia King

Artist Davia King is turned on by color. At a young age, she remembers being drawn to fluorescent colors and the frequency of waves that colors exude. Colors were a gateway to art for Davia, a self-taught artist who grew up in Orem, Utah and now calls Los Angeles, CA her home.

I’m sitting with Davia in her art studio. With pen and paper in hand, Davia asks me to make eye contact with her. We gaze softly into each other’s eyes and she begins to draw. Through the connection we make, Davia creates a piece of art that is abstract and captures the essence of her subject (me in this case!)

This is a theme in her recent work. Using overlapping images of faces and repeated patterns, Davia combines her intuitive use of color and her gift for capturing those around her. Her work is an experience. Davia engages her subjects creating striking works of art for the canvas and the street.

Her body of work boldly explores the balance of color and movement and seeks to create a “visual interpretation of creative energy from the microcosm to the macrocosm.” From cells to galaxies and everything in between including us.

In our latest interview, we chat with Davia King and talk about what inspires her art work, the challenges of street mural painting and she offers advice for young artists eager to paint a wall. Listen below!

Learn more about Davia King by visiting her website. Follow @daviaking on Instagram.

Artwork above in collaboration with the Neon Queen.

This article was recorded, edited and written by Joe Basile.