Women’s Empowerment Mural Program

We believe that what we focus on, we create more of. It is why we offer beautiful works of art to the streets, in attempt to create more beauty in minds, hearts, lives and the world.

Through “Every Woman”, we bring this positive focus to the power and value of the feminine. Women face an often-times unspoken, undetected judgement and doubt from the collective societal fabric, which we feel this focus on unique feminine strengths will help to diminish.

The program will commence in 2018.

Every Woman was inspired by an art submission and the artwork of Nina Palomba and we thought the world needed an inspiring and empowering program to support women to own their voice, trust in their intelligence, stand tall, especially in male-dominated professions (like mural painting!) and embrace the magic of emotional beingness.

In addition to the murals, Beautify Earth will organize community activation events including discussions, painting days and unveiling celebrations.

Women hold the ultimate power, of growing new life, and have great impact on the world we live in when channeling their intuition positively.  We wish to celebrate and empower the current and future feminine artists to leave an inspiring message for all.

Curation Committee: Cleo Barnett, Qathryn Brehm, Lizy Dastin, Lara Dildy, Heather Rabun, and Milene Tilghman


Through our “Every Woman” Program, we are offering an extraordinary opportunity for individuals and companies to be associated with an art movement devoted to women’s empowerment and ending urban blight.

Art is proven to contribute to an increase in foot traffic, economic growth, and community pride, and decreases vandalism and general maintenance costs. It creates a positive atmosphere, and increased happiness in communities.

Our fundraising goal is to raise $80,000 to create a collection of murals around the theme of women’s empowerment throughout Los Angeles, CA. Donate today to support this program. 


Beautify Earth is hosting a community celebration on Sunday, Jan 28th from 11a-3p featuring mural artist Davia King and sponsored by Nixie.

Join Artist Davia King as she finalizes the 1st mural as part of our Every Woman Program. The event is FREE and family friendly, and will include a DJ, ice cream truck, facepainting, chalk drawing station and more! Click below to sign up and get the latest updates!

Special thanks to the incredible women at Nixie, Inc. for their community leader sponsorship!

Nixie is a global, woman-owned, creative sourcing agency that has over 40 years of experience bringing to life the product and packaging ideas of major brands in the beauty and wellness industry. Our expertise is in many different processes and materials: plastics, silicone, glass, cut ‘n sew, tin and paper. Nixie manages the development from start to finish: ideation/trends, design, testing, production, QC, and shipping to deliver goods in a complete turn-key system. We exceed expectations by bringing creativity, organization, knowledge, and a high level of customer service to the process. For more information visit nixieinc.com


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What to make a bigger impact? We could use support in the following ways:

  • Host an event
  • Donate your home or event space for an event
  • Graphic Design
  • Experienced bloggers who like doing interviews
  • Active on social media? Help us spread the word about the program!

Click here to contact Program Manager Heather Rabun.

Nina Palomba
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