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The Muse Crypt here with exciting new announcements at Beautify Earth.

In case you haven’t heard we have partnered with LA Great Streets on a Beautify Western initiative. Beautify Western is a project in which the entire community can participate! The stretch of Western Avenue in Santa Monica between Melrose and Third Street was chosen as an area of focus by Mayor Eric Garcetti and his Great Streets Initiative. Councilmember David Ryu and the Great Streets Team are working to improve the vibrancy of Western Avenue, including cultural, transportation and economic improvements.  Please join us for the Community Paint Day this Saturday June 11th which includes five murals and four utility boxes. The event begins at 8:30 am.

A breakdown of the artists, businesses and wall locations can be found here:

  • Artist Gino: Melrose Home Furnishings – 641 N Western
  • Artist John Park: Home Lighting Crystal Gallery – 646 N Western 
  • Artist Noah Neighbor: Jungsoodol Mattress – 225 N Western
  • Artist Hans Haveron: Safe Keep Storage – 4996 Melrose
  • Artist To be Confirmed: GNC – 165 N Western

While we have many projects underway here in Los Angeles, we also are a global organization with a mission to paint the world in color… specifically one million murals. If you’d like to volunteer or be a part of inspiring and collaborative efforts please sign up for our monthly contribution plan! You can and will make a difference.

Please also stay tuned for more exciting global updates as we are partnering with Zappos on a ten city tour that features talented artists transforming Zappos core values and bringing them to life in color and style one wall at a time.

See you this weekend!


The Muse Crypt

Western Volunteer events

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