Beautify Our Government Offices and Buildings

Imagine a world where government offices/ buildings, courthouses, the DMV, departments of XYZ, police and fire departments, were pleasant looking, were colorful, artistic, thoughtful, had windows, and offered it’s constituents water smile emoticon. Do you think the public perception of government would be more positive? Do you think the motivation to work for the government would increase? Public participation? Social responsibility? Community activism/pride? Isn’t it time we change our general perception of what government is to one that is helpful, positive, compassionate and there to serve our cities? Little things can go a long way. A can of paint can go a long way. Let’s inspire our constituents to get involved and make a difference, not scare them smile emoticon#beautifygovernment #beautifyearth. (Inspired by my latest visit to the DMV)

Beautify government