Beautify Earth Updates from Los Angeles

Hello Beautiful People,

Have you heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well it is worth much more than that. Imagine the smiles, emotional well being and positivity that is shared with a community when a bright, illustrative mural is created. I’m very excited to share a few photos from some of our latest and greatest projects in Los Angeles. Please note this is a small fraction of the work we do so please stay tuned for more details on all of our artists, walls and works in progress.

A large thank you & kudos to all of our volunteers and artists that have been involved in all of our projects to date. We couldn’t do it without you! What I love about Beautify Earth is that we work with all different types of artists who all have their own unique styles. It’s really cool to see how the community responds to the work and the conversation that inspiring art can spark.

First up is a feature of  Gino aka Ginoflo‘s work located in Koreatown in Los Angeles as part of the Beautify Western initiative which is a joint effort with LA Great Streets. Gino is one of five artists who have contributed to the project.  Located at 941 N Western, there are two walls on display at Melrose Home Furnishing nestled near Arco at the intersection of Melrose & Western. Gino’s third mural ever is laden full of intricate detail and it’s as if there are multiple stories within the mural aptly titled #LALoveStory. Tucked around the corner on Western but still visible for all passing by, is a #SwimInLove addition. While there are plenty of fish in the sea, let’s agree this one is exquisite! There is so much to love about all of the inspiring art in Los Angeles.



Across the pond – er I mean freeway in Santa Monica we have the ever so talented Christina Angelina aka @starfightera finalizing details on on a very colorful mural at Ed’s Liquor at 825 Pico (Corner of Pico & 9th) featuring birds and visionary Brazilian singer and inspiration Claudia Leitte. The intersection of music, art, poetry and passion really shine through on this piece. Starfightera is also working on our Beautify Western project and is an internationally known artist residing in Los Angeles who gives 110% to all of her work. She always makes time to talk to you even when she is working and her relentless commitment is inspiring.



Also, this past Sunday July 17th, we kicked off our first ever Beautify Silver Lake project! Artist Karn Ashimyan‘s journal drawing concepts are coming to life. Karn grew up in the Silver Lake vicinity and he was very excited to bring color and his vision to Wood Silverlake – a well loved local pizzeria. Close friends and members of the community came out to help get the party started. Karn is set to complete the wall this week. His work can also be found in Santa Monica at Bubble Beach. We’re happy he is a part of the Beautify Earth family and can’t wait to see the finishing touches. Below are some highlights!



Now that you can see the incredible work that we’re doing to uplift the community and bring life to our neighborhoods, let’s talk about how you can be a part of our mission! You could sponsor a wall or become part of our radical movement of excellence with a recurring monthly donation (for as little as a cup of coffee a month.) Maybe skip on the caffeine and walk outside to breathe in the fresh air and gaze your eyes on a freshly painted wall. A blank wall is an opportunity for a business, artist and community to come together. All donations help provide supplies and an artist stipend for the generous time and hearts of our team. Be a part of change and source of love and light in the world.

See you on the street!


The Muse Crypt