Beautify Earth Arrives in the City of Lights & Love

Written by Suzanne Sable


Much, much larger than your average thank you card and no envelope needed, one of Beautify Earth’s recent murals by Board Member and artist, Ruben Rojas, serves as a tribute to the City of Lights & Love as well as his first international mural!

Commissioned by SYBO Games, a Danish mobile games developer, and creator of the world’s most downloaded mobile game, Subway Surfers (published by Kiloo), with 1.8 billion total downloads, the Beautify Earth mural is a gift to the city and the game’s fans, all of which inspired the latest Subway Surfers’ gaming world release.

“Time and time again our fans have asked us to revisit Paris. We are listening and turning it up a notch!” said Daniel Persson, Head of Games, SYBO. “We wanted to give something back to the city in an altruistic super cool way! Street art in Paris is incredible and has always served as an inspiration and brand value to us. This mural is just one of the many ways we say, Merci Paris.”

After receiving the commission, Rojas jumped into action and began connecting with Beautify Earth’s global community to help identify and secure an appropriate wall in Paris. Once the location was confirmed, Rue Henri Noguères – Paris 19, and after recruiting two local artists – Nico and Claire – Rojas and videographer Tyler Church Haggstrom got to work painting and filming the entire process.

Incorporating requests from SYBO Games, the mural includes the words “LIBERTÉ. EGALITÉ. AMOUR.” and more specifically, “LIBERTÉ.” designed after the French tricolour flag, “EGALITÉ” in a bold color palette that pays homage to the diversity of humanity, and “AMOUR.” a simple yet powerful signature of Rojas’. The mural as a whole echoes the distinct urban street-style of the iconic city.

With the tremendous help of Nico and Claire (who both translated and painted), the large mural made an immediate impression on Parisian passer-bys, many of whom paused to snap photos and acknowledge the latest addition the city’s impressive art coffer.

A first of what will be many for Rojas, painting internationally left a lasting impression on him and his work, “My biggest takeaway from this experience was realizing that I am doing it,” said Rojas. “I’m a professional artist, doing what I love, and that my message is not only resonating with people but the movement of beautifying our earth is important to communities all around the world.”

This one-of-a-kind mural that brought Beautify Earth to Europe could not have been possible without the tremendous leadership, vision, and passion of the SYBO Games team. You too can join SYBO Games in being part of this extraordinary movement that transforms communities and blighted spaces through empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility and instilling community pride by becoming a member of Beautify Earth.

Joining is easy and monthly memberships are encouraged!