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Beautify Our Government Offices and Buildings

Imagine a world where government offices/ buildings, courthouses, the DMV, departments of XYZ, police and fire departments, were pleasant looking, were colorful, artistic, thoughtful, had windows, and offered it’s constituents water smile emoticon. Do you think the public perception of government would be more positive? Do you think the motivation to work for the government […]

Imagine a World with No Neglect, Only Artful Facades

Think of how many walls you know that look like the top photo. Now imagine a world where they are all as beautiful as the bottom photo. That is a world painted in color. The world Beautify Earth stands to live in. Deepen your involvement with our new membership program. A recurring donation at any […]

Neglect Versus Beautification. How Does It Make You Feel?

How does the top photo make you feel? 99% of our manmade world looks like that, but it doesn’t have to… Now, how does the bottom photo make you feel? I invite you to imagine a world where that 99% is beautiful and colorful. What kind of world would we be living in then? Do […]