Article by Rena Vlachogianni – Athens, Greece

While I was walking on a street in Los Angeles, my eyes fell onto a mural that was a true masterpiece, and I was mesmerized! I stopped staring it after few minutes when I realized that tears were running from my eyes. At first, my reaction surprised me, but it was at precisely this moment when I realized how powerful and emotional a mural could be! The scene with a woman holding a heart (photo below) triggered something in me. Memories and emotions flooded my mind merely by looking at a mural.

This experience got me thinking, “We have a town full of murals, and why not?” Not only is the art spectacular, but science has proven that art, paintings, and murals are like medicine to the mind, especially during difficult times. It increases the blood flow and changes the chemistry of our brains. The images I have seen express every human emotion: love, hatred, jealousy, passion, and anger. Without art – and these murals are art – people lose the chance to express themselves in pictures, in these paintings. But through these paintings, people can break out of their mundane lives into the spiritual, often finding redemption from mental pain and joy instead. Each of the murals that we see out there expresses someone’s innermost thoughts and feelings, their timeless character and unique natures carrying different messages for all the world to see.

Art by @Ginoflo

Art by @Ginoflo

Just imagine for a moment that you step out of your house in the morning, and the only thing you see is a gray wall, colorless and lifeless.

Now imagine you walk out of your house but instead, the first thing you see is a colorful mural on a wall, full of joy and happiness. Or full of the deep emotion that inspires you to see the world around you differently. It would be the same thing when you got home; imagine how quickly your feelings could change if you had a bad day at work, and you see this mural. Maybe you felt frustrated or sad, but just by walking to your house and seeing this mural, your perspective changes, and now you can smile. What bliss!

An empty wall is a sad wall, and sometimes we are like the gray one. But when we imagine, rather, when we see walls full of color, characters, and emotions, murals depicting life, they remind us that we are indeed alive. And it is good to feel alive!